Our Programmes

Business Excellence Consulting Inc. takes an organization as a system of many processes and works in three dimensions. We take people as resources to be developed continuously, workplace to be agile and responsive to the changing customer needs and business results to be improving continuously and sustainably.


Identify Business Opportunities

Organizations directly share with us their business challenges and we use a set of methodologies to identify problems and opportunities for improvement or growth. We use set of methodologies & tools to identify business relevant problems and opportunities and prioritize them in the end to end value chains.


Process Improvement

We improve the process through lean management by bringing stability, creating flow and pull according to the business requirement to bring sustainable improvements in value chain.


Problem Solving Projects

We carry out projects to improve business results in the organizations. Projects are based on six sigma DMAIC methodology. These projects help reduce variations, errors, quality defects or improve performance in other business performance parameters.


Training and Coaching

We make people capable through our capability building program, including Functional competence matrix development, mapping team competencies and developing them through class room training, on the job coaching and experiential learning programs. We have team of experts to take your employees to the next level.



We help organizations develop a robust operational and tactical plan for the businesses. This program is carried out usually during the closing month of the year to help organization achieve their business goals in the upcoming year.


Performance management

We help organizations develop effective performance management system to create high performance culture. This involves development of performance goals, aligning them at different management and frequency levels and converting goals into improvement projects.