Business Excellence Consulting Incorporation is multidisciplinary, solution-oriented organization in Pakistan. We understand the organizational challenges like, macro-economic instabilities and upsurge in cost of goods hence bring efficiency solutions for the organizations and businesses in Pakistan. We help organizations understand and keep pace with the changing customer needs in order to delight them. We create high performance culture in the organizations by developing people and deploying performance management system. We work on people and processes to bring required business results and we use combination of best business management systems adopted by over 80% of fortune 100 and other leading global organizations.

Share your business challenges with us and let us help you accelerate your business growth.


Let us help you grow your business

We take an organization as a system of many business processes and work in three dimensions. We take people as resources to be developed continuously, workplace to be agile and responsive to the changing customer needs and business results to be improving continuously and sustainably. Hence, we transform the organizations from “Organic (Functional) Management” model to “Business Process Management” model where the processes are continuously improved to grow & sustain business results.


We bring a wide range of certification programs under six sigma and lean management to create high performance culture in the organizations.

Six Sigma

We have Six Sigma certification programs in four levels, White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt. Certifications are carried out by Certified Trainers from American Society for Quality (ASQ).

LEAN Management

Lean comes from Japanese management system that has taken Japan as one of the highly developed nations in the world. We offer certification in Lean Management.

Data Analytics

Data analytics certification enables people in using analytical techniques and tools to cope up with the challenges of using data for decision support to deliver business results.